Castle of Guerzido - Rooms in a guest house
In the island with multiple flowers and pink rocks Nicolas reserves the best reception to discover Brehat and take a breath of fresh air with accommodation in a charming house with sea views.
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The island of Bréhat, located on the most wild coast of Brittany, opposes the rigour of its lines engraved by the wind and the waves to the softness of its landscapes and its gardens. Randomly ways which furrow the island, discover the mill of Birlot, the glassmaking, the headlight of the Peacock, the Michaelmas vault and much of autes things still. Bréhatins, before being fishing and rescuers, were corsairs will ethorai whalers. Little by little, the charm operates... You will also find information practical. Tourist bureau, hotels, camp-site, schedules of the tides, schedules of the motorboats...


The time of a stopover, visit Bréhat, the island of flowers and pink rocks.


The Glassmaking of Art and Craft industry of Bréhat.


Island of Bréhat - Tourist office.



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